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iSpindel Parts and Assembly

Updated: Apr 29

I'm a geek at heart and love gadgets.

A friend put me onto a commercial electronic hydrometer - the Tilt.

I looked into buying one but could not justify the expense of ~$150 to save daily checks with the manual hydrometer.

I did a bit more searching and came across the iSpindel.

A fabulous bit of kit and even better - if you have electronics skills you can make one for yourself for around $60-$70.

Needless to say I bought the kit and have put it together.

What I found was there were so many articles, videos etc that show you how to do it - I found I was continually pausing, replaying etc to see what they just did and do it myself.

My first attempt was such a success that my brother wanted one - I created my own how-to in case I had to make another for a friend in future.

Sharing this in case it's helpful to anyone reading this...

And if you want a downloadable version here it is...

iSpindel Parts and Assembly by FGBrew
Download PD • 6.16MB

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