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Updated: Apr 29

I was always interested in homebrewing over the years. I bought the starter pack from Coopers and created many brews.

The results ranged from good (where I might invite a friend to try), average (I drank them because I had shelled out the cash for the tin of extract), and then the ones where the sink was the only good place for them.

It wasn't until the great Covid Lockdown of 2020 that really gave me a nudge into the All Grain brewing process. My brother purchased a Grainfather a while back - I sort of knew what it was however didn't really think I was keen enough to spend the $$ on it. This was all based on my experience with extract.

I borrowed his Grainfather and bought the grain, hops, etc from a brew store. Interestingly what I noticed was there were no brew stores within coo-ee of where I live on the Northern Beaches of Sydney. This wasn't so much of an issue because I also found that mostly everything we were doing around this time was all being home-delivered. So paying a little extra to have someone deliver all the ingredients wasn't such a bad deal.

I was advised that "brew day" would likely be a few more hours than what I was used to.

Though well out of my depth, I thoroughly enjoyed brew day. I followed the manual and details out of the Grainfather app.

The resulting beer was delicious and I felt like I had now moved on up in the brewing world...this is what got me hooked.

A few more brews during Covid lockdown and I was starting to look at All Grain brewing systems for myself. I finally decided to purchase the Brewzilla (similar and cheaper).

Fast forward to now and I am happily brewing every few weeks. Friends are asking what I currently have going and always keen to have a taste. I rarely buy commercial beer now and drink my own. Have landed on some really good recipes that suit my taste...happy days!

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